Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nothing says 'I love you' like....

Many people scoff at Valentine's Day and insist we don't need one day to celebrate love...we should do it every day. And while I do agree and try very hard to always show my love for my husband, family, and friends, one day a year dedicated to love isn't a bad idea!

For busy people, like me and my husband, with kids and jobs and appointments and this and that, sometimes celebrating love is kinda of pushed to the side. This holdiay reminds us to set aside everything else and celebrate the love we have for each other.

And I don't mean by shelling out big bucks for flowers, candies, cards, stuffed animals... (My husband and I have an inside joke..every Valentine's Day when the stuff comes out, every time he sees a stuffed monkey holding a stuffed heart, he says "Nothing says 'I Love You' like a stuffed primate!" But we do enjoy a night out though, a dinner alone, just us to reconnect, but we like to do that all year, not just on Valentine's Day. And the restaurants are crazy today anyway.

I worked in the floral business for many many years, so I know first hand what it's like to be on that side of the fence on Valentine's Day. Not really all that fun and romantic. I remember one year working 9 am until 3 am (yeah....18 hours!) and then having to be back at 9 am again. And just so you all know, the florists don't raise prices on roses just cause they want to. The suppliers charge triple the cost because the growers need to hire more workers and bump up production, and therefore, also need to charge more.

So tonight we are staying home. I am making a new recipe for dinner that sounds like something everyone will love (A bacon meatloaf! And it's a low fat recipe...not sure how that works..but hey, I'll try it!) I bought a box of brownie mix last night (also low fat. I guess we'll see how that comes out!) and I will make a glaze for it and dye it red. I also bought some cute pink and white sprinkles with some red hearts mixed in. The kids will love that.

What are your plans for tonight???

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  1. Bacon meatloaf???????? Um, if you could share how that turns out, that would be great :-)

    I agree with you about what Valentine's Day has turned into, but also that sometimes we forget to stop and take the time to do the things that V-Day represents.

    It's kind of how I feel about the Christmas season ... we SHOULD express love and goodwill toward others and so forth all year long, but we don't. Speaking for myself, I am very aware of those things during the December holiday season, just as I am very aware of love on Valentine's Day.

    My plans for tonight have changed ... I was going to be having a special night out with my boyfriend, but I got a concussion Saturday night and have had a few bad moments, so I'm staying in and probably going to bed early. Fortunately, Valentine's Day is just a day, right ;-)?