Friday, February 3, 2012

Mancandy Friday!

Yep...I brought it back...but just changed the day!!! Friday seems like a great day to drool instead of work like we're supposed to be!'s hottie is a guy I've adored for years.....way back when he was just Noah. Now he's got all kinds of other names under his belt. And if you didn;t find him completely sizzling in Crazy Stupid Love, well.....not sure we can be friends!! LOL!! J/K!

May I present today's guy....Ryan Gosling!

So...what do you think about Ryan????


  1. sweet MARY. I just watched CSL a few weeks ago. *SWOON* That man is beyond gorgeous. I loved the scene with them in bed all skin and laughter. Oooh to be Emma Stone for a few months during the filming. RAWR.

    Best Kiss Award:
    Double Swwoooooooon
    *hotflashes forever*