Monday, February 13, 2012

Do you Pinterest???

I read about Pinterest on Twitter a while back. I clicked...curious. And WOW! My kind of place.

I have always been a crafty person...there's so much there for the crafter in me plus all kinds of awesome recipes, photos, quotes, DIY for every thing in your home. We're big DIYers in our house. Love the satisfaction of saying "Yeah...I made that!"

But also, Pinterest has Movies, TV, books....all my favs and my own books are listed there.

At the time I signed up..there really weren't all that many people doing it. But now...everyone is! Even guys. I never thought it was a guy kind of thing...but maybe it is!!

So what are your thoughts on Pinterest?? Come check out my boards! :) Or if you need an invite...let me know!!


  1. For my personal use, Pinterest didn't work for me. It was clunky and confusing and I'm not very interesting from that POV. I didn't know what to do with all the stuff I'd pinned... stare at it? So I deleted my personal account.

    Then I rejoined and used it strictly for my book. I used Pinterest to map out my characters-- their style, what they liked, down to what they wear everyday, what kind of home they live in, what area of town, what they drive.

  2. I'm a pinterest junkie. Guilty as charged.

    Missed so much of your stuff during this crazy time!!