Monday, September 19, 2011

Lucky 13

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary! My how time flies! LOL! But really does. Can't believe how far we've come. 13 years ago hubby was making far less money...I was working full time at my first career, making far less than him. We were almost ready to close on our first house.

Now hubby is making lots more, (me lots less, but I am in a different career, just starting out), we have two kids, a bigger house, more responsibilities.

We have a great life. We work hard to have what we have, and enjoy everything we do. We try to make the best of each day and just have fun.

Not much of a celebration this year. It's Monday, so we can't really go out or anything. We might go out to dinner and take the kids. We'll get them in bed and relax with some of our favorite shows that start brand new tonight (How I Met Your Mother!!) We don't have money to buy each other presents but we don't really care.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I've had some of those not highly celebrated ones, but the important this is the marriage itself, right? Congrats on hitting 13!

  2. Happy Anniversary! My 5-year is next month and I can hardly believe it. Time really does fly.

  3. Happy anniversary, Stephanie! I hope you have a wonderful evening!! :-)

  4. Love is all you need!!!! I am sooo happy for you xxoo