Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do you ever wonder if you share too much???

I am, by nature, a very open and honest person. I never flinch when someone asks a personal question. I have no issues sharing my experiences, especially if it will help someone. And there are times I like to talk about myself! LOL! Who doesn't?

But sometimes I do wonder if I share too much...especially online.

Now I never worry about Facebook...I keep it set to private and I'm only friends there with people I know in real life...who would know the details about my life anyway.

On Twitter I never use names of my husband or kids, and I don't here on my blog/website either. But I do share stories from my personal life. I talk about the city I grew up in...because I love it. I talk about my favorite places to go. I talk about being a writer, a mom, a wife.....I like to connect with people on a personal level and how can you do that without revealing bits of yourself?

I know many authors prefer to write under a pen name for the purpose of keeping their private life private. I never wanted a pen name, though I did consider it because my married last name is not really all that easy to pronounce. But in the end I decided not to. I wanted to see MY name on the cover of my book..not some name I made up. And fame is not why I write, but yeah, I wanted to be able to go somewhere someday and have someone ask, "Oh, are you THE Stephanie Haefner?" And I could say, "Why, yes!"

Indulge my fantasies for a second, 'kay?

I've been on other blogs where I have felt the blogger shared too much...too many personal photos, too many names and places. I don't want that for my blog but I don't want the opposite either. I strive for a happy middle.

But even in the middle ground, I wonder if I reveal too much. What about you? Ever feel that way? What do you do to protect yourself??


  1. If someone is desperate enough to want info about us, they'll likely find it. I do try to limit the really personal, but I think it's nice to learn more about bloggy buds. You're right, though--it's always a balancing act. :-)

  2. I think to each his own. I love blogs where I get to know the blogger as a real person. I love seeing their lives, their kids, hearing about the things they do each day. Not all the blogs I follow are writing ones, so I read some very personal ones by people who are dealing with diabetes and children whose lives are in the balance.

    I also read lots that are very professional, with no personal. And I get tons from those too.

    I try to have some balance. I don't post about my family a lot, or name names very often, but I do sometimes - like last week when we came back from vacation. I'm sure to some, I reveal too much, and to some I reveal too little. You can't please everyone! :)

  3. Shannon, you are so right. If someone wants the goods on you...they'll find it n matter what you do.

    Heidi, I agree...balance is definitely key!

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!!