Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What do you do for exercise??

One of my 2010 New year's resolutions was to get in better shape...tone, lose a few pounds, etc.. Hubby and me joined a gym on Jan. 2nd.

I had tried in the past to exercise at home- various DVD's(pilates and Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance) but as much as I did enjoy them, it was easy to skip it, especially when I was trying to do pilates and my son thought it a great thing...he could climb over me and under me and try to slide off of me. So didn't work so well. Plus, the cost of joining a gym would be a huge motivator for us. If we were paying for something every month we would be far less likely to let the money go to waste. The gym we joined, Fitness 19, was extremely affordable, even with paying for childcare for our son.

So we went almost every day during the week. Hubby was on midnight shift then and we went as soon as our daughter got on the bus. After that we'd come home and he'd go to sleep. It worked real well for a while, but then hubby switched shifts-back to days- and it started to be hard for him to find time to go. I still went and was well on my way to meeting the goals I had set.

But it started to get really boring. The gym we'd joined was pretty small and offered no classes. Many of the machines I liked to use were often taken and most days I left having not done all I wanted to do.

Then a new gym opened close to us- a World Gym. Brand spanking new and HUGE!!!! We switched and got an awesome pre-sale price (how could you not join for $8.99 per person per month??? They have every machine under the sun, several variations of each machine too. And they have classes!! I am in love with Zumba!!! I was just going Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but I'm trying to go Monday and Wednesday afternoons as well!

Hubby is determined to get back on the horse for 2011 and we have made some changes to our weekly routine. He should be able to go at least 3-4 nights a week, plus his days off, which change week to week.


  1. I love the feeling after I excerciese lol, i just hate doing it

  2. I get up every morning at 5 a.m. and walk 40 minutes on my treadmill. I read while I'm doing it. I end up looking forward to that as my "ME TIME," the only time I get all day to read and just be alone with my thoughts.

  3. At my old gym, I did the treadmill and crossramp as my cardio every day and I read the whole time!! It was great!!!! But now we switched gyms and I do Zumba for my cardio...kinda hard to read while doing that! LOL!