Monday, January 3, 2011

My top picks in 2010

I was proud of myself for almost reaching my book goal this year. I didn't make it to 30 like I'd hoped, but I am still proud I read as much as I did. I read 28 books this year.

Of the 28, 15 were romance, 6 were YA, 1 was fantasy and only 1 was non-fiction. 3 were sci-fi, but those were also part of the 6 YA.

Of the 28 books I read this year, many of which were not released this year, here are my favs, in no particular order...the books I recommend you should read if you haven't already!

The Duff. Really loved this book. Kody Keplinger has a great voice.

Wedgie Tales and Panty Lines. Great piece of women's fiction/chick lit! Can't wait for the sequel.

The Queen of Babble series. LOVED these books!!!

All Fore Revenge. Hot and sexy romance!

The Uglies series. These books made me a fan of sci-fi!

Happy reading in 2011!


  1. I'll have to check out the Uglies and Pretties. I loved Duff, too!
    And congrats on the 28 books!

  2. I LOVED Kody's debut!!! So, so good.

    I've read UGLIES and need to buy the rest in the series right now!

    The Meg Cabot books I haven't read, so I guess those are going on my list :D Great post!

  3. I did have some trouble at first with the Queen of Babble books.....she really does babble...and at first it was a bit distracting. But then I think I just got used to it and I liked it. Very funny!!! Loved the stories!

  4. I've never heard of that first one...I'm off to the library site to order a copy exported to my library.

  5. Oh Stephanie, it's a really great book! Edgy YA! It's caught some flack for being a little too provocative for actual young adults...but I liked it!! :)

  6. Hey, thanks for the mention! You rock.