Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend blogging???

It seems to me that very few bloggers post or read blogs over the weekend. Most people do the 9-5, M-F thing. So the weekends are for fun, errands, family time, etc....

My weekends are so not like that.

My hubby does not work a typical work week. He does work the day shift, but has a rotating schedule and his days off move each week. This week his "weekend" was Thursday and Friday. Next week it will be Wednesday and Thursday. So even though today is Saturday, he is working and possibly working a double shift. He likes to work overtime when he can and weekends are a good time to pick up the shift.

So, for us, aside from the fact that there is no school, weekends aren't really weekends for us. Sometimes it's a real pain. Like when people have parties or get-togethers, or just anything in general. If it starts before 4:30, we will be late, or not able to go at all. Many times I've had to take my kids to birthday parties and things all by myself.

I'm not having a pity party here, not at all! Cause ya know what, I LOVE having him off in the middle of the week!! We can go shopping and run errands and the stores are usually pretty empty!! Before our daughter was in school, we'd go to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch on a Tuesday and the place would be nearly dead...and if you've ever been to CEC on a weekend, you know how insane it is!! Museums, the aquarium, anything...we get to do those things when it's quietest! Our daughter in in school now, and even though we sometimes feel guilty, we get to do the same things with our son.

So. any other bloggers browsing the blogsphere today beside me???? What are your weekend plans??

If anyone does happen to read this blog on a Saturday, make sure you sign up for my Share the Love Blogfest!!


  1. I hop around the blogosphere on the weekends, as well, just because it's my only time when I don't feel like I should be doing homework. During the week, I feel guilty for reading everybody's blogs. But on Saturdays and Sundays, I can browse to my little heart's content. :)

  2. I don't always get to go on the computer on weekends....the kids sometimes prevent that, but when I do, it gives me a good opportunity to catch up on blog reading and there aren't a ton of brand new ones posted!

  3. My husband works 12-hour overnight shifts on Friday, Sat., and Sun. every week (plus an hour drive each way). He misses every Saturday morning basketball, soccer, and football games as well as anything out-of-town and all weekend holidays (yes, he works holidays, too). :( But he's there for our kids every single day, which is a lot more than we could say when he worked 2nd shift. And it means I get a lot more blogging/writing done on the weekends than I do during the week.

  4. erica beat me to commenting here! since we share, it's easier to post more often. we usually post on saturdays. sometimes we'll post on a sunday, but most sundays we take off. we've also noticed that blog posting, hopping and commenting is low on weekends! i'm grabbing your blogfest button to post! christy