Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My brain is being pulled in a zillion directions!

And it just does not know where to focus itself.

First off is this absolute LAST stage of editing for A Bitch Named Karma. I received my galley proof like more than a week ago. Went through that sucker...had it done last Thursday. Sent off my list of minuscule changes and typos I caught, but then wondered if I should go through it one more time....just to be on the safe side. Decided I should but the weekend was crazy busy so it got set aside till this past Monday. Opened the brain hurt to look at it. It needs to sit for at least a few days...maybe even a week.

I have Spellbound edits to do as well. I finished the POV switch like 2 weeks ago but now I have to go through and perfect it. I also need to add in the POV of my hero....his POV passages are short...less than a page at the end of some of the chapters, but still. And I got a timer ticking away on this one......writers conference is last weekend of March.....just over 2 weeks away.....yeah....I'm pitching Spellbound when I go....

And speaking of the writers conference, I need to make business cards, perfect my synopsis....mentally prepare myself for a 10 minute meeting with a literary agent.....

Throw in a volunteer project where I am writing the life story of a woman at a nursing home, critiquing fellow writers work, and trying my damndest to keep up this blog and another.

Is it April yet??? I so need a vacation?????


  1. Isn't it crazy that you're working on galley proof with a publisher, but still worried about impressing an agent. Weird.
    But I wish you all the best of luck on getting everything done!

  2. LOL! Yeah, it is! Lyrical Press and digital publishing has been amazing to me but my desire for an agent did not disappear the second I signed my ebook contract. Besides, a wise woman (my editor at Lyrical) says it's not best to have all your eggs in one basket anyway!

  3. Don't I know about eggs. You go girl, and enjoy every second of the frenzy. At least you have it and it will slow down sooner or later.

  4. Wow, you are busy! I wish you so much luck as the conference!!! You are so brave to go and meet those agents. :)

  5. That's why they call it March Madness! It'll all be worth it, and if anyone can pull it all off - you can!