Monday, March 22, 2010

I so don't need this right now.

Okay...the countdown is on. This time on Friday, I'll be on my way to Allentown, PA for The Write Stuff Writer's Conference. I'll be excited beyond belief, but so so nervous too!

But right now....I have an unbelievable amount of work to do and I'm not sure I can do it all in time.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday....we laid around all day and I expected to get some decent time to work. Nope. Let's just say a dramatic evening the night before left my brain swirling with far too many other things. I could not concentrate at all. And I tried...I really tried. I got some work done but finally gave up when I realized my brain was somewhere else and being held hostage. I am...with less than 4 days to prepare myself. I will work on editing my novel and perfecting my synopsis. I will try to work on my pitch and all that...but I'm wondering if any of the preparation will really prepare me for that 10 minute pitch session anyway. I'm sure I'll babble and say "um" at least once every ten seconds.

But on a happy note, Dancing with the Stars starts tonight and I am oh so excited! I plan on working as much as possible then tuning in to watch the show!


  1. I might watch tonight because I watched the Bachelor and I'd like to see Jake dance :)

  2. How did the re-write on your synopsis go?

  3. *Sigh* Haven't even had a chance to do it yet.

  4. pitching is SO MUCH fun!!! Have you ever "pitched" before? The agents/editors are such real people I think we try to memorize stuff too hard. Enjoy getting to know them briefly and share your passion for writing. :) YOU CAN DOO EEEET! :)

  5. You could have a year and still not feel ready. Take a deep breath, and know the agents get that you're nervous! You'll be just fine. After all, no one knows and loves your book like you.

    Get as much done as you can, and then enjoy that conference for all it's worth!!

  6. Jaime, no...first conference. I keep reminding myself that agents are human and I'm hoping it will go smoothly and I'll fall into a comfortable conversation. I was planning on memorizing a mini pitch, but I don't know....I think I'm better when I let it flow freely.

    Thanks Heidi! I plan on having a fantastic time!!