Monday, March 1, 2010

Even when I know the outcome....

I sometimes can't help but wish for a different ending.

Last night I was exhausted and felt like doing nothing but flipping through channels. My hubby is out of town and so I have taken up the title of single mom. Not fun when you're not used to handling everything completely on your own. But anyway, I came across Titanic. I absolutely love that movie...the drama, the love story.....historical fiction at its finest!

But when it came to the part: "Iceberg! Straight ahead!" and the ship slowly inches toward it and everyone is running around trying to turn the boat, stop the coal burning, reverse the engines.... I am sitting here cringing...hoping that this time, the boat doesn't hit the iceberg.

But I know it does. Nothing will change that....short of the invention of a time machine.

I can't help but image what would have happened had Titanic not struck the iceberg. The ship would have made headlines for it's speed instead. Hundreds of people would not have died. Jack and Rose would have lived happily ever after. Maybe that's my issue. I didn't get my Happily Ever After! I guess no matter how predictable romance stories can be.....I am completely devastated when I don't get what I want.

Don't worry Jack....I'll never let go either.......


  1. I feel you! I'm so bad that I'll sometimes turn off a movie (or walk away) if I've already seen it and don't like the sad ending. Take Moulin Rouge. I love the singing and the storyline. Hate the ending. I never watcht the ending anymore. I know in my head what happens, so I don't feel the need to sit through it again and relive it. Weird, I know.

  2. I only watch Titanic up until the ice berg scene, and then I turn it off! I guess I'm living in denial.

  3. I love the Titanic like I love A Walk to Remember. I know the ending and I watch it when I need a good cry. lol Otherwise, I stay far away! it can make me so sad. :(

  4. This is why in love blogging...finding others who feel the EXACT same as me!!!!

    I was watching Steel Magnolias a few weeks ago and I had to turn it....the scene where the husband finds Julia Roberts passed out and the baby is crying and the dinner is boiling over.....that is seriously one of my worst fears. Something happening to me and no one being here for the kids. My daughter is older, so she could call 911, but my son, he's only 2. And all day, it's just us.

    One movie I absolutely hated the ending of.....Ladder 49. I was mad at that movie. I was seriously pissed off that they ended it that way!!

  5. So true! That movie is super good! I know, it makes me apply the same theory to my own writing--what if I let something opposite or random happen, how would it feel then?

  6. I refuse to watch a movie that doesn't end the way I want it to. I always ask what the ending is before I see it. They need to be Happily Ever After.

  7. The Notebook gets me every time.

    If I hate the ending to a movie, I never watch it again, it's completely ruined for me. Ladder 49 made me mad too. I've only watched it the once, so I barely remember it. Mostly I remember I hated the ending.

  8. Titanic is my fav movie of all time. So very sad. I think what made it worse was the fact that it was true. The part where the mother is telling her children a story in their cabin, really cut me up. Seeing Rose reunited with Jack in death is kinda a happy ending :o)

  9. I love that movie FOR the iceberg. See, I don't mind skipping the first part [we have it on VHS, two tapes] just so I can watch how cool it is to see the ship go down. That's not the romantic in me, though. That's the very curious scientist/adventurist.

    Yowza on the cover, Stephanie! Congratulations!! It's purty. BTW, I just found out Blogger now has pages! so exciting. Good luck keeping up with all of them. I like the idea of a blog for your character. It would really define her for you... not to mention the promo.

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  11. Niki...yeah, I guess you're does end happy in a way!! LOL!!

    Thanks Bethanne!! I am giving the Character blog some serious thought...might be fun to do...wouldn't even need to update it every day...maybe 2-3 times a week.

    Meg, me too...only watched it once...never again. Felt like I wasted 2 hours of my life for such an infuriating ending. I know life isn't all happy endings but when I watch a movie, I want to escape real life for a bit!