Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm in such a mood for a road trip!! Do you ever feel that way???

This feeling is rare for me...since I get motion sickness and all. Not the vomiting kind, but headaches and some nausea. Mostly it's only if I start reading in the car...even signs on the side of the road, or turning around too when the kids need something and I have to face backwards and help them.

But sometimes I really do get in the mood to just get in the car and drive and drive for hours!! I am so looking forward to Sunday and our drive to Virginia!

This trip was on the fence for months. Things were in the air with hubby's job transfer. Finally we booked it and he arranged the days off with work. Then the transfer came in and we didn't know what was going to happen. Hubby asked for the days off, since the trip was already planned, and luckily, he was granted them! After a summer filled with wacky work schedules, so many things up in the air, and hubby working mega overtime, we really need to get away and relax.

Today I will start packing and also make some road trip music cds. One will be mellow stuff...our usual traveling music: Hootie and the Blowfish, The will be our favorite dance tracks...yes we dance in our seats while driving!


  1. This summer we tripped from Dallas to North Carolina back down to Florida, along the Gulf Coast, and back up to Dallas.

    With a six month old baby!

    Lord what a long trip that was. On the plus side, the wife and I managed to keep it together and not fight the whole time, and we still had a great time talking, listening to music, and being more or less unplugged from the world.

    It's a beautiful isolation.

    - Eric

  2. We just got back from ours, and I feel so rejuvenated! Where in VA will you be? I live in Northern VA, near D.C., but I imagine you will be somewhere prettier. :)

    Hopefully Hurricane Irene will cooperate and you will get some great weather here!