Thursday, August 11, 2011

Retreat Part 2!

So Day 1 was great! On to day 2.

I set my alarm for 8, just in case. No way was I gonna sleep through the fab breakfast. I got up, dressed, etc...and made it to the dining area by 8:45. Had some tea and then breakfast was brought in. OH MY AMAZING! French-style scrambled eggs with bacon and toast with homemade jam. Fruit with a raspberry sauce and strawberry crepes! I knew I wouldn't need much else the rest of the day! After that I drove to a nearby park with a waterfall. Wow was that relaxing. I wished I would have brought a blanket or soemthing..would have made my seat a little more comfortable. I sat right on the edge of the creek, which was kinda rocky. Stayed there for an hour or so and then went back, where I checked out the cemetery next door. The owner had told us how old it was. 150 year-old gravestones always intrigue me. I hoped for a bench or something where I could sit and write, but no luck. I sat in the gazebo for a while. Around 12:30 I headed inside, back to my comfy parlor spot and stayed there til 5:30, again, stopping only for delectable baked goods. Went and got changed. A friend was meeting me at 6:30 to go to dinner. I got back around 9:30 ish, showered, and then wrote some more.

Day 2 word count: 4981

Day 3 I knew would be short. I had to be home for hubby to leave for work...he had to work second I had to be home by 2.  I was up early, and in my parlor chair by 8 am. Wrote or an hour then left my laptop while I had breakfast- blueberry cottage cheese pancakes! With that some locally made organic sausage and fruit. Oh and red velvet chocolate tea OMG! I went back to my spot around 10 ish and by 11, check out time, I had shut down for the day. Met hubby and kids for lunch at Moe's.

Day 3 word count: 1813

Grand total for my entire retreat: 10,271

If you ever get the chance to do something like this, TAKE IT! I would seriously do it once a month if I could!

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  1. Sounds amazing! I think all writers dream of something like this! :)