Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All Alone: My Writer's Reteat in Heaven!

Last week I spent two nights in heaven!

One of my biggest complaints in life, as I'm sure is the same as many people, is never having enough time...for anything, really. But mostly for my writing. Months ago I told my husband that some day I just wanted to go to a hotel for a few days for peace, quiet, and a place to write without interruption. On a particularly stressful day about a month ago, my hubby brought the idea up again and gave me his blessing to actually do it. I searched and researched and decided to check out some Bed and Breakfasts We have plenty within a 2 hour radius of our house- wine country, ski country, etc.. Then I could have more than just a plain old room.

I chose one about 45 minutes away. It used to be the rectory for the church next door, which they also own and are converting into a spa and dining area for the inn. Gorgeous place. So serene. I knew the second I pulled up I was in for exactly what I had wanted.

Before going, I wondered what I should make my word count goal. I needed to have some kind of goal. It had to be attainable though. I went with 10,000. My normal daily goal is 1,000, so 10 times that seemed doable with zero interruptions or responsibilities.

Day 1 started with leaving my house around 12:30. I drove to the inn first, then drove into the small town nearby (it was kind of in the middle of nowhere). I had some lunch at my favorite chain coffee shop, Tim Horton's, and then got to work. Check in at the inn wasn't til 4. So I sat there from 2-4 writing in my notepad. I left, checked into the inn, checked the place out, and finally sat back down to write around 5 or so. I found an awesome chair in the parlor near a nice large window, surrounded by antique furniture. So amazing!! Worked there until 9:30, stopping only a couple times to snack on fruits and pastries homemade by the owner, and then later on to chat with the owner's husband and some of the guests who had checked in. I showered and wrote some more in my room before turning in around midnight.

Day 1 word count total: 3477

Check back tomorrow for the rest of my trip!


  1. How fun! I've heard of this idea but never met anyone who actually did this!

    Saw your comment on Sarah Skilton's blog and I had to come visit - I actually got a full ride to journalism school and left before I even finished the first semester. You definitely didn't make the wrong choice :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Sophia!!!! The retreat was absolutely amazing...I really wish I could afford to do it once a month!!!!

    I kinda laugh now about the journalism thing...I can't write articles to save my life!! I am a fiction writer!! But I bet i would have leaned how in school....but I wonder if I would have been able to put the passion into it that I do for my fiction.... My nephew is starting college next week and he's in a journalism program...I wonder how he'll do with it.