Monday, August 15, 2011

Do you believe in bad luck?

I don't know what to believe, but I do know it's not been real great around here the last few months and I'm definitely ready for it to stop.

I shouldn't complain. There hasn't been anything major...just little things that have really made our lives uncomfortable. Mainly it's life just being up in the air with no definitive answers. And I think that is what bothers me most...good or bad, I just need to know so I can go on with my life.

Poor hubby...started his new job today....well...same job, new location. And wouldn't ya know.....he woke at 7 am this morning, then woke me with a few curse words. He starts at 7. The volume on his alarm clock radio somehow got turned way down, so he never heard it. One good thing...the new job is only 9 miles away compared to the old place, 26 miles away.

We're trying to take a trip. Nothing fancy, just the beach for a few days. Booked the trip because the job transfer was up in the air and didn't think it would happen for months. Then BAM! Job transfer came in and screwed it all up. Hubby informed his new bosses of the trip, hoping they will grant him vacation days. Hoping he finds that out today...since we are supposed to leave on Sunday.

And we soooooooo need this. The entire summer has been spent not knowing what was gonna happen and not being able to plan anything in case the transfer came in. Hubby has been working lots of overtime too. The kids miss him. I miss him. We really just need this.

Enough venting...sorry. And I shouldn't even be complaining to begin one is sick or hurt.We don't have any real problems.


  1. My wife said something like this about ten days ago. I'd been holed up writing and working and didn't realize I was neglecting my family.

    I refocused last week and it sure was nice. Maybe it's not the right time for your hub to refocus, but at some point it will be worth his effort to step out of the groove and spend time with his family.

    There's a time for both, you know.

    Good luck, I feel you!

    - Eric

  2. We had plans for the trip all set...sure the transfer would not go though until the fall..and then it did. Sadly, it's a now or not til next summer kind of thing. We can probably manage a few days away in October or November, but it would be far simpler than our beach plans. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I hate it when things seem to be conspiring against me. The volume being turned down on the alarm--Yeesh. And not knowing is always the worst.

    Don't worry about being bummed. It's good that nothing major has gone wrong, but that doesn't mean you can't be stressed by the other things. I hope your family gets to take the trip. Good luck :)

  4. It's okay to vent. Not knowing is hard, but I guess at least no news is no bad news. I hope everything works out for you.

  5. I hate when things are up in the air. It truly is easier to know if things are good or bad, rather than in limbo. I hope you can go on your trip and that hubby will be able to work less overtime and spend time with you guys.