Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This totally made my day!!!

Friend of mine from high school posted on my FB wall the other day:

"I finished your book and loved it! What talent! I hope this doesn't sound silly but I'm so proud and happy for you...amazing. I got my sister to use it for her little book club/drinking parties and have 3 friends here in stl reading it. I'm starting your other book tonite....Thanks for writing a great book.....I'm a huge fan!"

Warms my heart and sends fuzzies all through my body!! :)


  1. And suddenly you remember why you write...that is how stuff like that always hits me. LOVE IT!

  2. So so true....stuff like this makes all the work (and frustration and stress) worthwhile!!!!

  3. Oh, that's awesome. I love reader mail, but especially if it's somebody I know--or used to know.