Friday, July 29, 2011

Am I the only one who thinks this is completely unnecessary??

I don't get all.

I know germs are a big concern these days. I try not to be psycho about it and I wash my hands often and cough into my elbow. I teach my kids the same. But if food falls on the floor, I still eat it. I even recently let my son eat mini marshmallows that had fallen onto the grass at the park. Living on the edge, I know.

I know there are many people who have no choice but to watch the germs...weakened immune systems. And these days with allergies and such...what's on our hands is a big concern. I do understand. But my rant today seems valid even with that in mind.

These automatic soap dispensers for your home. Or even the ones in public bathrooms.

Let's just say the soap pump is a breeding ground for every germ imaginable. It's layered with them, sexing and partying it up, just waiting to get inside some unsuspecting human's body to really grow and live it up. Say these germs get on your hand and they're loving it. It's finally their turn!!!

But then you turn on the water, lather, wash for 30 seconds, and kill the little bastards.

So what is the point of an automatic soap dispenser?

I personally think these companies are preying on society's insecurities and creating fear where there needn't be. Some people see these devices and think, "Oh My God!! Soap dispensers are DISGUSTING! If I touch it I will have GERMS all over my hands! I NEED this dispenser for my house!"

And how dirty are our homes anyway?? Mine isn't spotless, but still, I keep it relatively clean. I even clean the top of the liquid soap dispenser on gets kinda dirty. But I'm not doing it because I'm worried. It just looks ugly.

I really don't mean to offend anyone. If there really is a legitimate reason for an automatic soap dispenser, please enlighten me!

And PS..I have used the Lysol brand dispenser at a friend's home and it gave me way too much soap.


  1. There is a legitimate reason - think of all the jobs that device creates - the factory to make the things, the printers who make the box with the "As Seen on TV!" logos, the advertising people to sell them, etc.

    It probably oozes soap all over the counter like some perv in a raincoat if your kids go near it to brush their teeth or get a drink of water. (Or do kids even get drinks from the bathroom with those little dixie cups anymore, is that not sterile and purified enough?)

    My guess is that's it'll go the way of the chia pet. Oh, wait.

    :-) Thanks for a morning giggle.

  2. I've used one at someone else's house as well and I mentioned, 'Cool, but can you adjust how much soap it dispenses?' Because, that's waste, and then you have to spend more money on the company's product.

    I like concept, particularly in public venues. But, you make a good point. Once the soap is dispensed (even from a germie hand-operated dispenser) we wash the germs down the sink.

    [I do clean and wipe my soap dispensers down here and there; I'm weird that way, though.]

    Great post! ;-)

  3. I think we're weakening our immune systems with all of this over-precautions. We do have to keep clean, obviously, but there is a lot of overkill!

  4. My kids are bugging me to get one because they think its cool. No other reason. At least they're honest. :)
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  5. hahaha this cracks me up. Does it really matter if the soap dispenser has germs when they soap you use will just kill them as soon as you wash your hands anyway?

  6. I'd like to see it more in public toilettes where you never know who is touching the soap dispenser but in your home? Eh, probably not necessary.