Friday, July 15, 2011

Flash Fiction Blogfest!!

Today's post contains adult material, suitable only for those 18 and over!

Today I am participating in Ali Cross's fabulous Independence Day Flash Fiction Blogfest!!

The rules are deliciously simple. Sign up below, and on July 15th, post an original piece of flash fiction, 250 words or less along this theme:

"It's Independence Day and something unexpected happens . . ."
Here is my entry, a scene from my work in progress titled Pretty in Plastic. Warning: It's spicy!
“Where is he?” Bobi asked.
“I think he’s in exam room two.”
She stood. “As soon as he comes out, tell him I need to see him immediately. I’ll be in his office.”
She strode to the back corner, closed the door behind her, and stripped off every stitch of clothing. She may have scared him off that morning, but she sure as hell was going to reel him back. What was the point of having this body if she didn’t use it to her full advantage?
She sat on his ergonomic leather desk chair, legs spread with one hooked over the arm of the chair. Hope it won’t be long.
The door opened. “Bobi, make it quick, I…”
His eyes zeroed in on her, widening with shock, and he pushed the door closed. She stood and walked around the desk, pressing her body to his and a kiss to his mouth. Without a word she unbuckled his belt and unzipped his grey dress pants. He was already hard. That was a good sign. She knelt and took him into her mouth, his hands massaging her scalp.
In one swift move, he lifted her up and turned her around, entering her from behind. This was supposed to be all about him, but she wasn’t going to stop him from pleasuring her if that’s what he wanted. And if that hadn’t been enough, he reached his hand around to fondle her. It wasn’t going to take much. With a few more thrusts, he was quietly moaning in her ear as she held in her euphoric outburst. Couldn’t have the rest of the office hearing what they were doing.
Bobi turned and kissed him. “How was that?”
“Fucking great,” he replied through labored breaths.
Here is the list of participants!!


  1. whew spicey was right! but even so, you made ALOT happen in 250 words! very impressive

  2. I agree with Debs... way to make every word count! Yow-sa ( ;

  3. Whew, baby. I feel like I need a cold shower! I feel all prudish thinking "I could never write like that!" But there's a secret part of me (not so secret now, I guess!) that thinks it would be kind of liberating to give it a whirl.

    Thanks for participating Stephanie!