Thursday, May 5, 2011

Your Life in Lists

I saw this book in Barnes and Noble about a year ago and I just had to have it.

I love to keep journals...I have several. One for myself, one for each kid, one that is all about my Disney travels. They are hand written, with the exception of my personal journal, which I moved to my laptop in hopes of updating it more often...I go in spurts.

I have always kept a diary/journal. There were periods where I got away from it for a time, but I always went back to it. And from time to time I would make little lists...sometimes there were lists of my favorite songs. Or things I wanted to do someday. I once even made an extensive list of every boy I had kissed. Why? I have no clue. I just liked to keep track I guess! Didn't want to forget any of them! LOL!

And when I saw this book, I knew it was something I needed. An entire book of lists. Each page gives a topic and you make a list. Some are basic things like places you've lives, vacations, cities you've visited. But there are some steamier things too, like lovers and sexual fantasies!

I think it might be a fun thing to show to my kids one day. (hmmm...maybe not so much the lovers and sexual fantasies....) I am all about leaving a piece of myself behind when I'm gone I want my kids and grandkids to know me through my journals and such. How cool would it be now to read my grandparent's journals from the 20's and 30's, when they were kids, and then teenage years?


  1. I have a confession. The thought of writing a journal terrifies me. I already need therapy because of the blog ;-)

  2. LOL Samantha!! I have been keeping journals and diaries my whole's just part of me...I can;t stop!! :) Some day you'll look back on the blog and be so happy you did it!

  3. Stephanie, I am so glad you stopped by my blog today! #1, congrats on your new release! #2, forgive me for not visiting (bloggy friend fail). #3, I must have that book! :-)

  4. I keep trying to journal but can never keep up with it. I will have to try again! :O)

  5. I got paranoid about keeping diaries after my little sister read something about herself in mine, then complained to mom... and then I got hassled about my private thoughts!
    I do like lists, but not enough to do listmania on Amazon or anything-- I wonder, do the lists give room to change over time, and does Listography assume that once you list favorites, they're always favored???