Monday, May 9, 2011

Licence to Brag!

I've recently joined RWA and have attended a meeting of our local chapter. The women are fantastic and the meeting was very educational. I look forward to future meetings!!

One thing they do at every meeting is go around the room and each member shares their "news".

Now I am just not a bragger by nature. I rarely talk about my career to family and friends (well, accept my mom and dad...they always want to hear how well their baby girl is doing!). There has been so much good happening in my career the last year that I feel like I'm being annoying if I am always talking about the newest great thing that has happened to me. I usually will post it on Facebook though, a little status update with my latest news. But mostly I tend to keep things to myself unless asked. And when I am asked, I admit, I do revel in it.

But at my RWA meetings, it's encouraged to brag! It was so great to hear the achievements of these women and share my own recent accomplishments.

So how about you?? Do you share you fantastic news with anyone within earshot, or do you tend to keep things more quiet??

***Edited to add this awesome blog post from author Jody Hedlund today!! Please check it out!!!


  1. And it's SUCH a great feeling when you can be the one to share good news. That's one thing I miss about RWA...the local networking was so incredible.

  2. I tend to be quiet, but it's just who I am.

    I do love talking about my accomplishments though. :)

  3. Yes, Stephanie!! The networking and support is so so great!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

    Kindros, I tend to be quiet too....most of the time. But other times, i talk and talk and feel like I am monopolizing the conversation...but even then, it's rarely about my accomplishments...unless someone asks!

  4. I wish I had some accomplishments to brag about! When the time comes, I imagine I'll be eager to share the good news, especially because so many people have supported me these past several years and I know they'd love to have something to cheer about.