Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm freezing!!!!! And my brain can't function!

It's Buffalo, so yeah....being cold is the norm this time of year. But it's supposed to be like 62 today!! Major heat wave, people!! The weather woman on the radio said it's our Indian Summer....go's usually never in November!

And here I sit freezing! I have my electric blanket around me. I have plans for taking a walk later to soak up some sunshine and warmth before it's gone for the winter.

But the temp is not the reason for my poorly functioning brain. I have vacation on the brain and I just cannot shake it!!!

We leave for our yearly family vaca to Disney World in 17 days. In order to afford it this year we've had to cut out a lot and the entire summer was spent doing very little. We are so eager for some fun and family time....away from our home. Disney gives us the perfect escape. And now that it's finally almost here, I can't get my brain to stop thinking about it. I can't keep away from Disney sites or message boards. I keep reviewing our plans and adding to our packing list.

But there are other things I really should be doing. I need to finish this round of copy edits for Paradise Cove. I completely ignored them yesterday. I do plan on tackling them some more today...almost done. I need to do pre-edits on Soap Dreams, which I have started but still needs work. And let's not forget Karma Kameleon.....I so wanted to have it polished and submitted to my editor before we left for our trip. :( Looks like that's not gonna happen.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend....maybe some nice sunny warm days for you too!


  1. so exciting I understand the feeling... you need a break!!!

  2. The weekdays are so crazy..with my eldest being in school. And the husband works most weekends. So it's rare for my daughter and my husband to actually be off on the same day. Luckily this weekend, hubby is we'll have some family time.

  3. It's suppose to be 62 today here, but it started out at 30, so I'm not optimistic. :)

    I know how hard it is to concentrate on today's work when you have something fun right around the corner you want to dwell on. :) Maybe split the time between work and fun. I think half the fun of any trip is the anticipation. Don't lose that!

  4. Hey there! We're going to Disney the first week of December! can't wait :-) I saw Jordan when he opened for NSYNC back in like 2000 or something. Haven't been to many concerts since but my obsession with NKOTB was a little on the wacky side when I was a child. Over the top, ha! Thanks for stopping by the blog and have fun on your vacation--I know my girls are chomping at the bit!

  5. Have a great trip to Disney World!

  6. We were a high of a fab 84 today; though, tomorrow a 'cold' [a/k/a slightly cool] front is coming through with some rain.

    Karma Kameleon and Disney trip... Just helping prioritize. ;-)