Monday, November 15, 2010

Going back and editing blog posts???

I read a blog past the other day about a blogger who was going back and editing her old posts. Made me wonder if everyone does this. It never crossed my mind to do it.

There have been many times where after something posts, I notice a glaring typo and I just have to fix it. But would I go back months, even years, so fix old typos?? I don't think I would. Yes, I want it to be professional, yet still down to earth. And I am constantly learning and the grammar comes more naturally now than it did when I started this blog...but those are my words and I don't think I would change them now.

I admit that I am a bad typer...I've never taken a typing class. I need to look at the keys when I type. And I still make A TON of errors. I keep a journal on my laptop and many times I type so fast that I misspell words, letters are out of order....I miss the space between words. I do go back and fix most of the typos...I want future generations to be able to read my words! But I never edit for content or proper grammar. They're my words and if I use tons of slang, so be it. If I use bad grammar, oh well. It's my journal.

So what do you you go back, months, years, and edit your blog posts??


  1. No..the only time I might edit an old post is if I use it as a re-post! lol

    We have enough things to edit, in my opinion, let sleeping blogs lie.. heh heh heh

  2. I fix typos.... but nope I can't see myslef c=scouring old posts for mistakes haha

  3. I fix typos in old posts if I happen to see them. It only takes a few seconds and if someone new to the blog were to read it, I'd like it to be right. It might not make a difference but I feel better knowing it's correct. But I don't go through them with the purpose of editing them.

  4. I have trouble enough keeping up with today! If i see a typo in today's post I'll go back and fix it, but once another post is up, I rarely go back and read what I've written in the past. I've got too much other stuff I'm behind on!

    And I expect blogs to not be perfect. This isn't a published book... it's like a diary for the public. And the imperfections are what make it real and current.

  5. I am one who will go fix typos. They just drive me nuts! But as for content, no, I'd leave that alone, even if a sentence is poorly or hurriedly written. I guess people should see what I'm like unedited (but free of typos).

  6. Yes, I will fix a typo if I spot it, even in an old blog post. People still read them, sometimes. I get comments on posts that are months old.

    I even edit my texts. I try to punctuate them correctly, too.