Monday, August 17, 2009

Should I give truthful reviews????

I love to read and try to do it often....though time for it is limited to maybe a 1/2 hour or so before bed. I've had an account on for quite some time now (Are you on?? Look me up and we can be friends!!) So anyway, I really love reading other people's reviews on books I've read and seeing their take on them. I always write reviews on books I read and I'm truthful...from a reader's standpoint and also a writer's standpoint. I point out things that confused me as a reader and also things that could have been better, in my humble opinion, as a writer....things like plot and such.

But after this last book, and giving it only a so so review, I started this something I should be doing???? As a writer who is just starting out, should I be writing negative things about my fellow writer's books???? I am never nasty in my critiques, but I'm truthful. If I didn't like something, I say it. But the last thing I want to do is damage future bonds with fellow writers.

My book is not published yet, but when it is, I am fully prepared for some negative's inevitable. You can't please everybody. And I wouldn't want anyone to lie to me.


  1. I can't offer an expert opinion here as some others can but I'll say this...those reviews can stay out there a LONNNNNNG time...and show up in Google searches. Reviews I did of friends' books back in the mid 90s show up on Google searches. So just be sure the review is something you want your name attached to when you become the next big thing...

  2. I have thought about this as well. Is karma going to bite me? To be honest, if I hate a book, I'm not going to post a review. If I liked it but there were some things I didn't love, I don't mind being honest. I think it's okay as long as you are respectful. And I wouldn't dog out the writing itself. Just talk about what you connected with and what you didn't. At least that's my approach.

  3. Yeah, I never ever say anything rude or nasty...but if I did make notes of things I didn't like.

  4. If the review is respectful and constructive, that's appropriate. Readers appreciate your opinion and writers grow when things are pointed out to them.