Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Six- a tidbit from my WIP!

Well, technically the book is finished. It's in the edit and revise stage!

Bobi's plastic surgeon boss is checking up on her new breast enhancements.

He stepped away from her, their eyes locked, Bobi’s breasts still on full display. The unmistakable sound of a jiggling doorknob broke their trance. She panicked as the jiggler knocked on the door and quickly buttoned her shirt like she’d just been caught making out in her parent’s basement. Not that she’d ever done that, but if she had, it would probably feel like this.

“Looks like my eight o’clock is here,” the doctor chirped. “I’ll go let them in.”

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  1. Oh my. Definitely some tension there! Nice six.

  2. "Checking her breasts". Rightttttt...we believe him. Nicely done!

  3. Busted! An awkward doctor's appointment at the best of times, having someone try and walk in? -wince- Nice six!

  4. Thanks ladies!!!! It's a creepy yet sensual scene...she shouldn't feel aroused...but is. First time she's felt that way with him.