Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Joy of Being an Adult!

How many times did your parents say these things to you, or have you said them to your kids?

"No candy before lunch."

"Cookies are not a meal."

"Put your coat on before you go outside."

"Clean your room."

"Go to bed at a reasonable time."

"You can't lay there and watch TV all day."

I know my parents said those things to me as a kid. I say them to my kids now. But ya know what, sometimes I completely go against those rules for myself. I know there have been times, many times, I have eaten cookies or cake as a meal. I've stayed up waaaaaaaay later than I should have watching stupid TV or reading a book or playing on the internet. Many times I have gone places and left my coat in the car- who wants to carry a winter coat in the mall? And oh yeah...on a lazy Sunday...I've definitely laid and watched Tv all day.

And I can do these things because I am an adult and there is no one to tell me I can't! LOL!

But I also know they are not the best things for me and I don't do them all the time...especially the cake for dinner thing. I treat myself and pamper myself occasionally....and usually do not let my kids see me doing these bad things. Gotta set a good example!! I have the lessons I learned from my parents engraved on my brain. I know the right things to do and I'm trying to instill those values in my kids too. If I let them eat candy and sweets as meals, even once in a while, they might start doing it more and more and set bad habits that will be hard to rectify later on. If they turn out like me, knowing these things are bad and only do them once in a while as a treat, I will have succeeded a parent!

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