Thursday, January 19, 2012

Did you join a gym as a New Year's resolution??

We joined a gym two years ago as our New Year's resolution. The main reason for joining was so hubby could lose 30 pounds. His doctor told him he had sleep apnea and he needed to lose some weight. Wanted to try that before giving him the machine. But he was also told that having sleep apnea makes it harder to lose weight. So we joined a cheapy gym...only cost us like $40 a month for both of us and the monthly fee for our son to use the kid's playroom while we were there. Even then we knew it was going to be something we did for the long haul...not just a short term thing. I joined too, but I've always been happy with my weight. I really only wanted to lose 4-5 lbs and just tone up.

Here we are two years later and I've been extremely happy with it all. We have switched gyms...same price, but a new place that offers all kinds of classes. I got my body to a place I was very happy with...though I do still need to tone some areas. I gained a lot of muscle too. Hubby is getting there. He was having a hard time getting to the gym....could only go like 2-3 times a week. Just so much going on every afternoon. He has recently switched shifts at his job and it should be much better for him.

But the thing about the gym that cracks me up is the rush of people joining in January. It is fantastic and it makes me happy to see that people are making the effort to get healthy. But from watching the crowds at the gym, once we get to the middle of February...the luster is gone. People just do not come anymore. I wonder what happened...where their steam went. And I don't know about most gyms, but ours locks you into a two-year contract. You are paying that cash no matter what.

So how are you doing on your resolutions so far???


  1. I made anti resolutions, mostly regarding writing. Things I'm not doing this year, announcing things I am going to do... just doing them. They're going great so far!