Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My baby boy is 4 today!!

How fast time flies! :) You hear people say that all the time. But honestly, I never really felt it until I had kids. They really do grow up so fast. They learn so fast. They change so fast. A few months makes a world of difference in their lives.  And my baby boy is now 4!

I think most parents are stuck between wishing their kids would stop growing and stay small forever, and wishing they would grow just a little faster. As kids grow up, they become more independant and need us less. And that can be so sad. Here is this baby who you've cared for and nurtured...they are your world...but gradually they just don't need you they way they once had.

But on the other hand, independent kids mean mom and dad can semi sorta get back a little more of themselves. Have a little more time to be who they are and not just mom and dad.

I try to enjoy every moment. I know this time is passing fast and one day soon I will wonder where the time has gone. We try to make birthdays special in our house. We have a small party with immediate family, but on each person's actual birthday, the birthday person gets to pick somewhere to go for dinner. Anywhere they want to go. I wonder what my big boy will choose today! :)


  1. Aww. Have a good day, Mommy. Birthdays are special, and so are little boys!

  2. Birthdays are wonderful! And sad too. Bittersweet - that's the word I'm looking for!

  3. Thanks ladies!!!! It is bittersweet!! He's getting so big...and on one hand I am looking forward to that...more writing time for me when he goes to school!!!! But that means he won't be my little boy anymore :(