Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My favorite things about owning a smartphone

The last time my cell phone contract was up, in 2009, we debated. Blackberries were BOGO. But for both of us to pay $30 each a month for a data plan was just ridiculous. It would have been cool to have but it wasn't a necessity. In the end we passed and went with regular phones, no data. I said to hubby, "Maybe in two years I'll be more important and it will be worth it to pay the monthly fee."

This past May our contracts were up again and I wondered if I was really any more important than I had been two years before. Kinda, I guess. In 2009, I had just signed my first book contract, but the book wasn't due to come out for another year. But in May 2011, I had three books out, with another contract just having been signed. I was blogging, networking online, etc. So I did spend a lot more time online.

So I upgraded to an Android phone while hubby stuck with a regular phone (And let me tell you, there is slim pickins. If you don't want a smartphone, you have like three phones to pick from and they aren't great.) I love that I can stay on top of my email and not log on each morning to 50 unread emails. I can keep up on Twitter and FB and all that stuff when I'm not on the computer during the day. It's been real great for me and my career and networking.

BUT....there are also some fun advantages too!! If we're in the car listening to the radio and don't know the lyrics to a song, I can look them up right then and there! If we're watching TV and want to know how old an actor is or who they're married to or if that's really the guy who was on that other show like 5 years ago....I can look it up! I no longer have to boot up my laptop to check movie times. I can search for specific stores or restaurants right on my phone while we're out.

I was watching a special on the History Channel a few weeks back...the Top 100 Inventions of All Time. guess what #1 was....the Smartphone.....passing radio and TV in the #2 and #3 spots.

I have to say I agree.


  1. Our contract is up at the end of this month, but my hubby said no to me getting a smartphone--for the same reason you didn't get one two years ago. *sigh* Maybe someday. :)

  2. I LOVE my Smartphone. I work a day job where there is no internet access. Now I can check my e-mails during breaks (checking on those submissions), as well as comment to blog posts and keep up with Twitter. It's well worth it.

  3. Can't tell you how many times I've used the IMDB app to look up stuff about movies/shows/actors. I love that. Also handy are the apps for calorie counting, period tracker (sounds hokey, but really...more handy than you'd imagine)the timer (from cooking to timed activities when I sub, to snoozing in the AM, which includes an awesome alarm clock), of course the mail feature, calendar with all the reminder features, social networking apps, Weather app, GPS/runtracker records how long & how fast I go for our run/walk,the Maps app for finding our way around to addresses and businesses (mostly when we're in Denver) and last but not least Notes. I use that Notes app for all kinds of stuff. Books I wanta read, actors/movies to look up, my tire size, web sites I want to visit, Xmas and birthday gift ideas... that puppy is my electronic stickynotepad. I'd be so lost without that sucker!

  4. A period tracker...hmmm....might have to check that one out!! LOL! I use the alarm feature far more than I ever thought. Never used it on my regular phone. Go figure.

  5. Yeah right! Smartphones are a great invention. My smartphone is my companion. I listen to music on it while I'm on my way to work; I read news the daily news through it; and I read my e-mails, check my friends' posts on FB and twitter, and get replies from them at once. I can't imagine life without my smartphone.