Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The importance of support

No one can do anything without a support system. I'm not saying we need someone to baby us and help us with every step, but just someone there to say "Way to go!" when something good happens or "That sucks!" when things don't go as planned. The most important support comes from the people who are around us the most: our families, most importantly, our spouses/significant others.

My husband has been very supportive, but he's not perfect. Sometimes his worries come out. Like the other night. He has a hard time understanding the time it takes to get a career like this going. It's not like most careers where you go to school, study hard, graduate, and POOF.... job of your dreams. It takes years of work with no compensation what so ever, and there is never ever a guarantee. You can take five steps forward, only to be pushed back ten.

But I do it because I love it and I am determined to make a success of myself. Hubby is here cheering me on too.


  1. So true. It's great to find support in the writing community because we all *get* it :)

  2. Support comes from within and with out. I am so lucky to have a great family who know me, and believe in me. Best of everything!

  3. My husband is supportive, but I've found that friends (not family) are the *most* supportive. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but I'll take support wherever I can get it!

  4. I haven't told a lot of people about my writing, so their support is imagined (which is okay). My husband knows and for now tolerates my "goofing around on the computer" but also has no understanding of how difficult this road can be.

    In terms of financial, I teach Head Start and have a master's degree in management of nonprofit organizations, so apparently NOTHING I do creates much monetary compensation!!

  5. Ironically, my wife doesn't read. You see the irony there, yes? She prefers bleep-infested reality shows to reading.

    And yet.

    And YET.

    And yet she encourages me without remorse. She allots me time, says, Eric, you need to write!

    She gets it.

    She understands.

    She doesn't begrudge me the hours in my closet (my cloffice, my closet-office) writing.

    She understands without comprehending, if that makes sense. And that above all things makes her beautiful.

    Yes, without support, we droop. I think I woman can appreciate that, eh. ;)

    - Eric

  6. Family support is very important. Not just to read our stories; but to believe it will one day happen.

    And I think as writers, we also need to be suportive of our family's right to whine. Occasionally :)


  7. Eric, sounds like you have a great wife! :) My husband doesn't read either...but he did get through my debut novel in about 9 months.