Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Romance Author Sandra Sookoo!

Today I have the fabulous Sandra Sookoo on my blog, a fellow Lyrical Press author! She is just awesome!!! Her new book just released yesterday!!!

Your newest release from Lyrical Press is Midsummer Night's Steve (love the title!). What's it about?

Well, this story centers around a newspaper reporter (Steve). We first came into contact with him in the third book--Five Leaf Clover. In that story, he pretty much made a jerk of himself, so in this book, he's returned to Crystal Falls to make amends--and to try to get that one "big" story that will make his career. Unfortunately, nothing goes his way and the girl he likes turns out to be the Tooth Fairy.

Here's the blurb:

She's not your grandma's Tooth Fairy.

Three months have passed since Steve Compton's last visit to Crystal Falls. Now he's back, but far from pleased about it. Convinced there is more in the air than clean living, he's a journalist on the hunt for a story that'll launch his career into the stratosphere.

Zoe Nickles loves the small-town atmosphere, the people, and most especially the great hiding places in Crystal Falls. She's heard rumors about the magical aura in the tiny town, and when her powers come to fruition one June night, she knows the whispers are true. She's the Tooth Fairy--with a sexy new look!

But there's a problem: a nosy reporter is on Zoe's trail, with just enough street smarts and cynicism to thwart her ability to practice her newfound skills. Can she convince him Cristal Falls is harmless before he tells the world about the town's"unique" quality, or will Steve blab the news, putting Zoe and all the paranormal residents at risk?

Sounds awesome! I need to read this series asap!

This is the fifth book in your Holiday Magic series, correct? Very cool! Why write a holiday series?

Why not? Lol The concept behind this series was the fact that any holiday is a special time and lends itself well to romance. I also wanted to put a little magic and mystery in with this series of shorts, so Crystal Falls was born--and nothing is ever as it seems.

I love that you try all different things with your writing!

Will there will be more?? Can you share any details with my readers?

After this book, I have one last story coming out in October called Tail on the Moon. In order to understand the dire circumstances in this book, you'd need to read Book #4 No Such Thing. The powers-that-be are changing in Crystal Falls and someone needs to step up and make sure good wins over evil.

In Tail on the Moon, it's a Halloween story and I had a great time writing that particular short.

Awesome! I noticed all the books in the series are what Lyrical calls a "Short", falling between 15,000 and 20,000 words. Do you like writing stories this length? Why?

I love writing stories of all lengths. I do shorts, novellas and full-length books. It all really depends on the story, how much plot I want to take on, if there will be sub-plots, extra characters, complicated story lines. Right now I've just come off writing back-to-back-to-back full length books so for the next few months, everything I create will be shorts. It gives my brain a rest and gives the reader a nice low price point.

Oh I so know what you mean! It is quite refreshing to work on something short after a long project!

As one of the lucky writers who gets to stay home and write all day, what is your favorite part of your job?

Yes, when I was laid off four years ago, I couldn't find a job in my industry so I got serious about writing. Is it a hardship having one income? You bet and it leads to creative finances, but I wouldn't trade the time it affords me for writing. My favorite part of my job? Continuing to learn the craft, make my stories better and receiving reader mail.

Love how you turned something unpleasant into something fantastic!

And one last question for fun! I know how big a fan you are of Disney World (just like me!!) and good food (also, just like me!). Where is your favorite place to eat while at the World?

Oh, gosh, now that is a huge question! I adore the French bistro in Epcot. They made some of the best onion soup I've ever had. But then there's the Chinese place in Epcot. Ginger ice cream. That's all I'll say lol I also really love the breakfast at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. My husband and I eat there every time we go to Disney.

Oh, I could talk about Disney food all day long!!

Thanks so much for being here, Sandra!!

Thanks for having me on your blog. As a thank you to your readers, I'm offering a prize to a random commenter. You'll receive a subscription to my monthly newsletter, book swag plus a vial of "fairy dust" and a Tooth Fairy "coin". Remember to leave an email address and check back to see if you won!

If you'd like to find out more about the Holiday Magic series or everything else I write, pop over to my website http://www.sandrasookoo.com From there you can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or drop in on my Believing is Seeing blog.


  1. Great interview! Thanks for sharing - heading over to Sandra's website now to learn more! And a Disney kindred spirit? Doesn't get any better than that!

  2. Thanks for having me over to your blog Steph :-)

    Thanks for commenting Coffee. Hope you find something to your liking on my site :-)

  3. Kristie, she's a fellow Passporter!!! :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Sandi, a fellow Passporter -- I think she is the QUEEN of WDW :) Great interview:) I love how you inputted not only writing stuff, but personal life stuff too:) Keep up the awesome work Miss Creative Budget Girl :)

  5. I haven't been to Disney since I was in high school. I can't wait until my kids are older to go, but sadly they are afraid of people dressed in suits and don't like rides. Le sigh...guess I'll have to wait! I love your stories Sandy-always on my tbr list :)
    Steph Beck

  6. Hey Stacie--well writing is a big part of my life. :-) They go together lol

    Steph B--just go to WDW with your hubby :-) I'm sure someone would sit with the kids! And thanks for reading my stuff :-) I appreciate it!

  7. Sounds like a fun book. We are saving Disney for when our kids are a little older, but it sounds like fun.

    I'm totally going to stalk you on amazon! Thanks for the interview!!

  9. Hi Sandra. I have never been to Disney. I need to catch up on this series. I am sure it is a great one. I love that cover.
    Sue B

  10. Thanks for coming out ladies (I did post a reply last night but I guess blogger ate it)

    Anyway, random winner on this post is Joselyn. Please email me your mailing address sandra.sookoo@comcast.net