Monday, December 27, 2010

Totally made my day!!

As an author who is just starting out, sometimes it's really, really, REALLY hard to know if your work is being enjoyed (and, um, purchased). My royalty statements are not showing what I hoped they would at this point...and some vendors do not report sales until months after. As of my last royalty statement, I hadn't received a dime for print sales for A Bitch Named Karma even though it had technically been for sale since August.

But then I get an email like I did today:

"I just wanted you to know I asked for your book for Christmas. Our local Barnes & Nobles was sold out & said they can not keep them in stock. They have been selling like hotcakes

Congrats on your success!"

This was from an internet friend I met in an online message board community. She's from somewhere in Ohio. So somewhere in Ohio, lots of people are buying, and hopefully enjoying, my book!!!!! This is what i live for as an author. It's not so much the money, it's this.......this feeling. Knowing that people are out there reading my book. And loving it!!


  1. Congratulations Stephanie -- you are now an author!

  2. I know I've always heard that it takes a while for the royalty statements to really start coming in. A while, as in two years or more. Maybe that's wrong??? But these were romance authors telling me that. So they sell two or three books a year so that the advances will supplement their royalty incomes but once it starts rolling in, it can be very steady.

  3. Hey, hon. That is an awesome email. Readers are the best. And yes... your print royalties will take months. Literally--Lightning Source usually pays 6 months behind, so LPI will probably get paid by them in Feb for your August sales...which means you should get your first print royalties in early March.

    And doncha just love how people are always asking you "how are the book sales coming?" and fully believe you are making skads of money and holding out? LOL

  4. Ah...thanks Piper. I was thinking it was it will be a while longer for the moolah to start comin' biggie! :)

    And yeah...people are always asking how book sales are. I hate answering cause I know they expect me to be rolling in royalties!

    Thanks ladies!!

  5. This is so, so, so awesome! Your book is such a great read. I don't doubt it's selling really well! :)