Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Does time of day make a difference??

Okay, so I openly admit, I usually write posts and schedule them. It's very rare that I write a blog post and post it immediately. It is just a whole lot easier for me to write them when I have time, usually I do a few, and then schedule them. But I never know what time to schedule them for.

So I ask my fellow bloggers...what do you do?? Does the time of the post affect the number of people who read it??

Now, I am East coast, so my blogs post usually at 10 am EST. Obviously, that means they post even earlier in all the other US time zones. Do people read blogs that early?? Or do people read later in the day? If my post is too early, do you think it gets buried way down in reader's blog rolls?

I think I'm going to do a test. I'm going to try posting at different times and see if I get more or less responses!


  1. I normally schedule mine to post around 6am my time...which is around 8am Eastern time. I find that for twitter especially, I get the most RT action on them then.

    Mine post twice - once through networked blogs, and once through a tumblr feed...which is helpful too. :-)

  2. I read blogs through my RSS Reader, so when a new one pops up, I read it! I check it all day everyday. I don't think time matters in that respect, but when I post, I like to schedule them to post in the bulk of the day, between 10 and 1pm EST, when most people are online.

  3. I just post them when I can. Sometimes I write and schedule posts but mostly they go up as they occur to me ;p

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  4. I do my blog reading early in the morning (about 5ish mountain time, which would be 7 eastern). But if a blog comes up later than that, it'll show on my Dashboard here at Blogger, the next day.
    It probably doesn't matter too much when you post it, unless it's time-sensitive.

  5. Thanks everyone!! Just doing some thinking about ways to up my readership! Wondering if time made a difference!