Friday, May 14, 2010

Sometimes life can be so bittersweet.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds myself in situations where I'm both happy and sad at the same time.

Take today for example. There are many opportunities for my hubby to work overtime at his job. And there are usually times there are so many other guys that want it, there is a list and you are offered overtime based on when the last day you worked OT was. Someone who worked more recently gets put toward the end of the list. Hubby usually doesn't know if he will get it `til maybe an hour or so before he has to go in- guys have up `til an our before the shift starts to call in sick, so that greatly effects the amount of overtime available. Hubby is on the list today for the 3-11 shift.

It's going on 1 and he has not gotten a call yet. They need to call him by 2 if they want him there on time.

I want him to get called- 8 hours of time and a half is VERY nice. But I so want a nice night with my family and husband. I have a movie we need to watch cause we need to return it. And I don't want to watch it alone.

We win and lose no matter what happens.

Do you ever find yourself in those situations???


  1. Oh yes! MY husband and I are freelance musicians and our gigs are always on the weekends. We have to choose date night or a gig. And sometimes it's really hard.

  2. That is a tough situation! But you're right that it's a win and lose in either case :) Just focus on the win part. No call = time with hubby. Call = opportunity for hubby! It will all work out for you!