Thursday, July 2, 2009

What makes you want to read a blog post???

Are there certain bloggers you read no matter what??? Or do you browse titles and only click if it sounds interesting enough??

I have to say I am mainly guilty of option #2, though there are a few I read no matter what the title says.

I scroll through my blog list and click on the ones with titles that really jump out at me and sound interesting. So in return, I try to come up with titles for my own blogs that will lure someone in...make them just have to read what brilliant thoughts I've come up with that day!!

Hopefully no one is disappointed...though I'm sure they are!! What makes an absolutely captivating blog??? I need to know....I don't want to bore my readers! I'm kinda impressed with my 32 followers! Thanks guys!! I wanna make sure you stick around!!

I blog about my writing and the process and journey to publication. I love commiserating with fellow writers, learning from them. I hope I can help a fellow writer by sharing my experiences. But I do blog about other stuff too...stuff that few people have interest in (like my obsessive love of NKOTB and Disney World!) But I like to think readers can at least identify with me...even if their obsessions are different!!

The internet is a fantastic thing. It amazes me every time I meet and connect with someone knew from some far corner of the country, or planet for that matter...people I would not have met otherwise....people just like me. I rarely feel alone or feel like no one gets me. I know there are poeple out there, writers who feel my pain, who know how insanely crazy and hard this business is and how lucky we are when we actually find some success.

And when we do find sweet it is to share it with so many poeple!! They celebrate with me just as I do when their success comes in.

Amazing little thing we have here...this world wide web.

'Blog'...who came up with that word??? Doesn't matter...whoever invented this way to connect with people is a genius!


  1. This post's title! So good job, lol! I guess I'm kind of guilty of #2 as well, though I do have my daily reads. They are few, though. Life gets so busy, yanno? But I do think one of the greatest things about blogging is meeting a bunch of fun writer people like yourself. And others as well. But it's esp. great to be able to commiserate and celebrate with folks who understand queries and rejections and so on and such and such.

    I love this playlist thingie you have, btw.

  2. I have some that I'm pretty good about reading...and other's that I try to get to, but am not so good about. Length is a key factor for me. I just don't have time to read a long post unless it is on something I am really interested in.

  3. I like to read the blogs that I can relate to. Like this one. :) The way I look at it, we are all in the same boat, and we can all learn from each other.

  4. For me, I usually open each blog on my list, but not always finish a post. The first thing I notice is formatting -- if a post is one giant blob of text I'm gone because I can't get through it.

  5. I recently did a series of posts on blogging, and what makes a good blog in my opinion - from appearance to the posts. You can find those posts here. All the links are in that first one.

    I try to at least glance at most posts. But the ones I really stop to read are the ones with interesting titles, have to do with writing, or capture my interest in some other way. And yes, there are certain blogs that I ALWAYS read no matter what.

  6. I guess my title got more popele to read, or at least comment!!! LOL!!

  7. Hmm, I pretty much read every one in my feed. But the only ones in my feed are people who comment regularly on mine. I try to do the same for theirs. Catchy titles are always good though. :-)

  8. Everyone I follow I try to keep with regularly although sometimes I fall behind and that sucks to catch back up!

    So what I do (I'm even doing now!) is click on the persons blog and read their most recent blog. Sure titles jump out at me but if my reader show me love I try to do the same!