Monday, July 27, 2009

It's a slow slow process.....

But an important one...the editing phase!!!

I am doing one last round of self edits before I hand my manuscript over to my editor. This is step one in the process. My publisher requires their authors to do one last self edit to clean up silly stuff....searching for those dreaded 'no no' words, fixing the passive voice and basic grammar stuff.

I am 2/3 done with my 'was' search and that one is always the worst for me, especially in pieces that are written in 1st person. But I am proud to say, I have knocked off more than 400 instances of the word...I am quite proud of that!! (and I do not care to share what the starting total's quite embarrassing!!) I feel like every elimination makes the story stronger...helps the reader get into her head better. I can't wait till this thing is all done...everyone that's read it in the past...well...I think they will be blown away by the improvements!

The hardest part though, is how slow this process is. I sit for an hour, two if I'm lucky, and I have only reviewed 20 pages or so.


  1. Still, do you sit back sometimes and go
    Oh My Gosh, I'm editing this for my editor! I'm going to be published!

  2. Every single time I sit here and do it!!!!!!!!!!!! (makes me very motivated to keep at it!!) It's still quite surreal!