Thursday, July 9, 2009

I met my editor yesterday!!!

I am so so excited!!!

I didn't meet her face to face; she's in Colorado....that would involve a cross country trek. But she sent me an email! I think we will get along fabulously! She has written romance novels too and before I knew she was going to be my editor, I read the blurb for one of her books and really wanted to read it!

The email came with an attachment for yet another form to fill out!! Funny thing though, I've always loved forms...forms at the doctors office- medical history, etc... I do hate my Chiropractor forms though...they are really really idiotic.

Anyway, this form is info for to reach me, the best time of day, etc.... Also it's for writing the tag, blurb and content warning. I had to detail the conflicts in my book and how they're resolved and details about my characters. Then I had to come up with my own tag, blurb and content warning. Also a 2 page synopsis of the book...darn it...I already have a 1 page, 5 page and 10 page.

She also sent me some instructions for editing and a check list. I will need to do one more self edit before submitting it to my editor for her edits. It shouldn't be too hard. Most of what was on the list were things I had already spotted in the manuscript and fixed long ago. But in all honesty, it's been a while since I've been through this story with a fine tooth comb. I'm kinda looking forward to it...I haven't read it in a while!

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