Thursday, April 30, 2009

Loved this!

I've been trying to find fun and informative blogs to follow, mainly blogs that talk about writing. I hope to do some cyber networking too. I came across this one particular blog a little while back....Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and I really really love what they have to say. This recent post rings so true for me!!!

It is about romance readers, but I'd say it's pretty much covers romance writers as well.


  1. That list made me want to write a romance novel. :)

    I've actually wanted to write one for a while, since I read my first GOOD romance novel, with smart characters and smart dialogue. But when I start to write one, I always find... it's harder than it looks. I think I need to just have some fun with it!

  2. I had issues at first..calling what I write romance. I had a stereotypical thought of what romance was...Fabio covers and corny dialog. BUT, I quickly learned that is so untrue!! Well, okay, there IS stuff like that out there, but there's soooooo much more to romance. I now feel privileged to call what I write romance...and how can you knock a 1.7 BILLION dollar industry???