Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yikes....I just dropped a wad of cash!

I understand it takes money to do pretty much everything on this planet. And with the current economic state, I realize prices have had to go up.

But sometimes it still shocks me.

Two days ago I took a disc to Office Max with my manuscript on it and had them print it. I could have printed it at home, but 457 pages would probably take two ink cartridges and almost an entire reem of paper. Having office Max do it was just way easier. Last time I had to print a manuscript it cost me about $20. This time........$39 and change after tax. I was FLOORED!!!! Granted, this manuscript is about 100 pages longer...but still. Then I had to ship it...Thank God for flat rate shipping boxes...only $10.35 for that. I calculated afterwards....2 ink cartridges....$8 each at Target (I'm printer uses cheap ink) $16 plus paper...max...$5.....I could have saved almost $20 by printing it at home. Lesson learned.'s now on it's way. I am so praying this is it. That this is my big chance!!!!!

In other news, my novelette is pretty much done. I need to go over it a few more times. It's gotten GREAT reviews from my readers so far! Yay! Thanks!!!! I want to get the submission sent out before I leave for my big Hollywood trip...which I still am not sure when we're leaving.


  1. Stephanie, your blog cracked me up! I did cringe a little as I read about all the query letters you've been sending with little response. I haven't finished my novel yet, but that is the part I'm dreading!
    And NKOTB was my first concert ever, back when I was in elementary school. How fun that you get to relive that experience.
    What is your novel about?

  2. Sorry for not replying sooner!! Glad I can make you laugh!! My goal for this blog is to find people, writers, to commiserate with!

    Querying, well, it really sucks. In my just can't send out to your top 5 agents and wait and wait...I send out to EVERY agent on my list (55 this last time) and then wait. There is so much rejection....and so many that don't even respond at all...and then other who take months to respond.

    NKOTB was my first concert too!! Love them so much!! In June I will be attending my 5th show since this past September...they are so awesome!

    This is my 3rd novel (all unpublished) and it is about a woman who falls in love...they have very different religious background and he has a mother from hell who is very unaccepting of her son's choice of a wife.