Monday, April 15, 2013

Do you love TV?

I have no shame or guilt in admitting I love watching TV. I spend my day on the computer, writing, blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, Pinteresting, etc... Then I make dinner for my family, spend time with them, clean the house a bit, etc... But once the kids have been read their bedtime stories and tucked into bed, it is my time to relax and unwind.

I love curling up on the couch with a favorite show that I can get lost in. I love to laugh most, so sitcoms usually take the number one spot for me. A good show with great writing and a stellar cast is perfection. My favs- How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family. (Well, these are my favs of the shows that are on right now! I just bought the box set of Friends on DVD! Can't wait to start it!)

But I also love a good soap opera-esque drama. I am pretty infatuated with Dallas right now! I was a HUGE All My Children fan, very sad to see it go. But it is starting up again online. Will be interesting to see how that goes. But Dallas definitely filled a large void for me. Drama, sex, money, power, sex..... ;) There are some pretty nice pieces of man candy on Dallas! YUM!

And I do watch a limited amount of reality TV. But I am very picky. I'm just nto into the ones that film random people with no real plot. It may have been cool in the 90'swhen The Real World first came out. It was new and interesting. But I am so over seeing people fight over petty things and gain fame for being a train wreck. I like competition type reality shows. I love Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice. And I gotta mention the cooking shows! We adore Chopped and The Next Iron Chef.

One of the sad things  I see happening a lot lately though is good shows with good writing being cancelled in favor of blah reality TV. I don't get it :(

Do you watch TV? What are your favorites??? What are your thoughts on reality TV?

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  1. 2 words for ya, chica: Bates Motel. ! It's filling my Monday-night void, now that Dallas is off for the summer. Very creepy, but the drama rocks. Also, big brother Dylan is yum.