Monday, June 4, 2012

Recital weekend is over.

I don't know if I ever mentioned it on here, but I dance. I've been doing it for years. I started when I was a kid and did it for a while, but quit. Mainly it was because I just was not having fun anymore. I remember being yelled at in class for not doing something properly. But when I was 21 I got the crazy idea to start taking classes again. And 13 years later, I'm still doing it. I even danced through two pregnancies! I'm not kidding when I say I danced on a Tuesday night and then went into labor and had my baby on the Friday of that same week. Actually, I did that with BOTH pregnancies! Of course I had to take it easy in class, but I still went to class every week and did what I could. The stretching was great for my body! :) And proudly, with both babies, I only missed 2 weeks of classes! :)

I take an adult jazz class, and yes, we do recital! Over the years I took some other classes too- a jazz class with younger girls, which I also went to competition with, and lyrical. One year I even did a jazz duet with my sister in law. I just love to dance. Wish I could do more now, even at 34 years old. I love performing in the recital.

Friends of mine have joined the class with me, and over the years they have come and gone and some are planning to come back when their lives slow down. There is still one friend who dances with me. But along the way I have made lots of great friendships with the ladies in my class and with the teachers at the studio.

My daughter dances too. Started when she was 3. This was her 6th year. She is even in a competition class :) We're talking about next year and I think we can maybe afford to let her take two classes. The hard part is deciding which to take.

Here is our class picture this year! I'm on the right on the floor! :) We danced to Barracuda...but a remade version by Fergie!


  1. love the costume - great pick this year!!

  2. You are a brave person. Good for you!

  3. That is an adorable picture of you!

    I've never been good at dance, although I wanted to take lessons when I was younger (much, much younger). Good for you for doing what you love!