Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting nervous!

I have like 9 full days til I go to the Long Island Romance Writers annual agent and editor luncheon. A friend told me about this event, and for $60 and a semi-short road trip, it seemed like an awesome opportunity. Basically, it's a casual luncheon where beforehand, writers mingle with agents and editors and pitch their books. Fun, right??

Yeah....it should be. But already when I think about it, I'm nervous. I have never been great at small talk. I've never been great at starting a conversation with a perfect stranger. What if I sound like a complete idiot? My book's premise is already kinda far -fetched. Will I be able to talk about it with an agent right in front of me?

And my next question: Will this shindig have a bar? That might help the anxiety.

This luncheon is so important, so I have that in the back of my head too. I need to impress these people!

1 comment:

  1. It's a bunch of writers getting together... there is bound to be a bar! :)

    Agents are probably not all great at small talk, either. Just make sure you have a one-sentence logline so you can answer the question "What is your book about?" without hemming and hawing (like I always do!). Being able to do that confidently will start the conversations off well.

    Relax... it's not as though you are just there to make small talk, either. The agents are there to hear pitches - they know that. Don't be afraid to pitch! You'll do just fine.