Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sharing or Bragging?

When does sharing happy news turn into bragging? Is it the way the news is presented? The frequency??

I don't consider myself a bragger. I usually try to keep good news to myself, unless it's people I know truly genuinely want to hear my mom and dad. They always like to hear my good news--about myself, the kids, etc...

But the rest of the world?

I am very active on Twitter and I post on Facebook too. I use them as promotional tools and do often share happy news about my career and my personal life. But I do try not to post more than once. Often I feel as if sharing my good news is rubbing it into the faces of others who may not have what I have. I know how it can feel to hear good news from others and it be a reminder of the things you don't have. And I'm not just talking material things here. For the most part I am able to be genuinely happy for others...but there are some who seem to always share the same news over and over.

So what should you do with a bragger in your life? How can you share your happiness with the world without others thinking you are a bragger?


  1. Ugh. That's a toughie. Because most braggers are after that high they get from others fawning over their accomplishments/pride/good luck, etc. So you can choose to ignore the bragging and not reward them by fawning, depriving them of the high. But that might result in their bragging even harder to achieve the buzz. OR you can fawn right away in the hopes they'll get their fix and shut the heck up. LOL. Depends on who it is, I guess. The good thing about seeing the bragging on the internet is, you can always pretend you did not see it, and they won't know the difference. :)

  2. LOL! Very true! Sometimes it's in the professional world...sometimes the personal world. Harder to ignore the personal stuff.