Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TV is not evil

I find it really funny that so many people bash TV like it's the worst thing since cigarettes or heroine. Yeah, not everything on the tube is great...I wholeheartedly believe there is WAAAAYYYYY too much reality TV and people being paid to be stupid.

But what about honest to goodness shows with amazing story-telling??? What is so wrong with those??

During my travels last weekend, 5 hours in the car each way with my writing friend Sarah, we had plenty of time to talk. And one topic was TV and how we just cannot understand why so many people are so "Oh, I don't watch ANY TV."

Why not? There are writers behind those TV shows. Damn good writers. Whether it be a comedy or drama, someone brilliant is there thinking up the fantastic story lines that keep us on the edges of our seats and the one-liners that crack us up.

I think there is such thing as too much TV, especially when kids are plopped for hours and hours. But a show or two a day?? I am amazed at the thing my kids pick up from great educational programs on PBS and shows like Go Diego Go and Yo Gabba Gabba. As with anything, it's the quality that matters.

I love books...that's a given...and when I read, I envision the story in my head like a movie. What's so different about actually watching a story on the TV instead??


  1. I love TV! And I'm always in awe of the writers behind some of my favorite shows.

  2. I agree! I do like some reality shows, too, for the fact that I think it's a great character study. It's like people watching. I'm picky about those, though. Some people I just don't want to watch. :)

    As for scripted TV, I have no idea how they can write new scripts week after week... that's a lot of new material! and the good ones... wow.

  3. You're right about TV. I am just choosey about what I watch. I enjoy Lost, it's great writing and helps me develop my own characters, and a lot of the PBS shows are wonderful.

  4. Preach it! I love TV, and I don't understand how some people can clump ALL television shows together and say they are ALL a waste of time. There's some great writing behind some of those shows! (ABC's Castle, for instance, which is about a writer.) Glad someone understands. :)

  5. Thanks ladies!!! I do watch some reality TV...I love Dancing With The Stars and shows like the Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are truly inspiring. I meant the stupid shows like Jersey Shore and Rock of Love. I think those shows should be banned...though I do see the value in watching for character studies! LOL! There are some real characters in those shows!! LOL!

  6. I love TV too... as long as TV doesn't replace reading, I think it's great in moderation! MJ and I love to watch Doctor Who, Chuck, Fringe and Bones together. It's not that easy to cuddle up together when you both have a book in hand!