Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another thing I LOVE about digital book readers!

It is so much more convenient to read while working out!!!!!!

I tried the magazine thing once while using the elliptical at the gym. Did not work at all. The constant bouncing made it very hard to read the tiny words. And turning the page....that is an accident waiting to happen. I am pretty good on the machines but it doesn't take much to throw off your balance when you're in a groove! I keep at least one hand on the handle at all times!

Then one day I saw a woman with her Kindle. At first I thought, great idea, no pages to physically turn. Seemed like something I could try, but I worried that the constant bouncing would still make it too hard to keep my eyes on the line and not re-reading the same one over and over.

Then I remembered the button to adjust the text size. BRILLIANT! I set the text to the biggest size, problem solved!! I do have to "flip" the page more often since there is less text on the page, and therefore, I run my battery out quicker, but still. This is fantastic!! Makes my workout fly by. I do 20 minutes on the crossramp/stepper thingy and it used to feel like a full 20 minutes. Now it is gone in a flash. Then I move to the elliptical for another 15 minutes and then a 2 1/2 minute cool down and I usually stay on a few more minutes cause I hate stopping mid chapter. I then move on to the other weight lifting machines for arms and legs and all that and if there was some way of still reading while I did that, I so would!

At this rate, I will surpass my book reading goal for the year, which is set at 30. I know some set a 100 book goal..that would be an impossible goal for me. I only read 16 last year and was very disappointed in that. 30 seemed much more reasonable, especially with getting the Sony Reader for Christmas.

My only fear with using the Reader at the gym is someone on the machine next to me peeking over while I'm mid sex-scene. :)


  1. I can't read romance books (or romance scenes) in front on anyone for that exact reason. I want to enjoy it, not worry that someone's watching me or looking over my shoulder.

    Back when I only had one dog, I used to take the kindle with me on walks around the neighborhood. Time flew by!

  2. If they are peeking over to read what you're reading, then they've got what's coming to them! They should be more embarrassed than you! Glad it's working for you!

  3. hmm that sounds pretty awesome...
    currently we're just watching supernatural while working out. But reading would be a good solution to our problem of "only 4 seasons of supernatural out on DVD)...

  4. LOL! I've thought of doing this, but I don't think I could adjust to the motion. And all I can think about while working out is trying to keep breathing! :)

    I do love e-readers though. I think they can go where few books have gone before.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!!

    Heidi, I didn't think I could do it either...with all the bouncing and such, but with the print set to the largest setting, it's quite easy to read. I get so into my story that I forget that I'm exercising and it flies by!

    Falen, we go to a gym and my fav is the crossramp/stepper thing and there aren't tv's on it was just me and my mp3 player. Which was okay...but I would just stare at the machine and the time and it took foooooreeeeeeveeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr.

  6. I use audiobooks for the same's just easier to do the treadmill thing.

  7. So glad you tried it and it worked out! (no pun intended). :) You'll surpass your 30-book goal AND earn a fabu pair of gams in no time!