Thursday, April 15, 2010

Man Candy!!!!!! Had to steal this idea!!!

My new bloggy friend Gina Gordon is sharing her favorite pieces of man candy this week and I thought I'd borrow her idea!!!!!

Get ready are my favorite drool-worthy, I'll-sit-through-this-so-not-me-movie-if-I-can-stare-at-you men, in no particular order:

Paul Walker- I don't watch The Fast and the Furious cause I like cars.

Zac Efron- He's's okay to look.

Ryan Reynolds- I've loved you ever since you were Berg on Two Guys, A Girl and Pizza Place.

Bradley Cooper- Even beat up and bloody in The Hangover, he was still hot as hell!

Cameron Mathison- I actually met him....he told me I smelled good....*swoon*


  1. Where is Orlando Bloom? Haha I like your choices, too!

  2. LOL!!! Actually, I was gonna add him in!!!! LOL!!!

  3. You've been nominated! Check out my blog for details! Hopefully this is a good thing and you aren't cursing me!