Thursday, October 8, 2015

So much for relaxing!

I finished book 3 in my lingerie series- ONE SIZE FITS ALL, Penny's story, and got it in to my editor on time! Woo hoo!!!! She emailed me back to confirm and said she was a little behind so she probably wouldn't get me my revision letter until the end of October. Fine by me!! That meant a month off. Which I so desperately needed. (See my last blog post!)

But somehow that month of time...which I'd planning on lounging and relaxing and catching up on some books I wanted to read, etc.... Not happening. My to-do list grew by the day! Which was my own fault. That's what happens when you decide to start a new business! ;)

So how's your life going?? Is it busy and hectic? In a good way? I actually thrive on being busy :)  But I need downtime too.

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