Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Denying Yourself

I've always tried to live my life in a way that makes me happy. I love my husband and my kids, but they are not my entire life. I need time for myself. I need to do what I enjoy, even if no one else does. I think it is very important to be happy. If you hate your job, look for a new one. If you hate your body, work hard to fix it. If you're in a bad relationship, kick the loser to the curb. If you feel bored all the time, try new things until you find something you enjoy. Life is short, far too short, to spend any of it miserable.

I know a lot of people who deny themselves things. I just don't get why. I'm always being told how it always looks like I am having so much fun. I am. I am always doing fun things with my family and friends. I do things on my own that don't include my family. I like enjoying my life. I like experiencing all the things that are out there. I want to fill photo album after photo album with memories. I want to be 80 and look back and say "Damn, I had a great life!"

I've heard so many people say, "I wish I could do that." Well, you can. Just go out there and do it. Let the housework pile. Throw away all cares about looking stupid. Get the hubby to pitch in more and watch the kids. Or get mom and dad. Time ticks away fast and before you know it, twenty years have flown by.

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