Sunday, January 13, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday- No name book!

Just finished this book this week!! YAY!!!!!! But it still has no title :( Never even had a working title. Read my first six sentences and tell me if you've got any ideas!

If Deeni Martin’s life had sucked before walking into the coffee shop that morning, it sure as hell wasn’t getting any better. Scalding coffee dripped down the length of her body as she locked eyes with a yuppie jerk, also covered in Bean Brothers’ original roast.   

“Don’t you know how to look before you walk?”

His wide eyes narrowed. “Me? I was here first. ” 

I just now realized Six Sentence Sunday will be ending soon :( I haven't participated much, but it was fun when I did. Huge thanks to the organizers for doing such an amazing job!

To check out all the participants this week, go to the Six Sentence Sunday blog! Happy Sunday!


  1. Is he going to be the hero of this story? Great intro if he is, enjoyed reading this six.

    1. Oh yes!!! He's my hero!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. Love at Starbucks? Sorry, couldn't resist.