Sunday, July 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday! Size Matters! ;)

****This post contains material ONLY suitable for those
18 and over.***

I signed up kinda late, so I am number 100-something on the list, but hopefully I will still get some decent hits!! I REALLY want some feedback on the opening of my new book. This is book 2 in a three book series.

It's called Size Matters :)

If a bike had a penis and eyes pleading for a blowjob, the whole ordeal would be just like riding a bike. Bryn Harper hadn’t had sex with a living, breathing man in nearly two and a half years.  The only sex she’d had was the sort involving rubber and vibrating replicas of manliness. So being in this position, nearly naked as she stepped into her dimly lit bedroom, felt far more difficult than peddling around on two wheels.

She’d been sorta dating Max for a couple months and it was finally time to do it. Bryn didn’t love the guy, but he was good enough. 

Whattya think????


  1. That first sentence blew my mind. Awesome!

  2. YAY!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!! That's what I was hoping for!!

  3. Very hot excerpt!! I'm looking forward to checking out your work!!

  4. Excerpt sounds like this will definitely be a hot read! Thanks for sharing.