Friday, July 20, 2012

Twitter me this, Twitter me that!

Do you Twitter? I do. In the last couple months I've made quite an effort to be on Twitter more and the last few weeks, I've really gained a decent amount of followers. I think I'm actually getting it.

So here are a few tips I've learned.

- You need to actually interact with people. Don't just post your own updates and read others. Reply to posts that interest you. This whole networking socializing thing doesn't work unless you actually conversate with people.

- If someone posts something that amuses you, or informs you, don't just reply to them. Retweet the post so all your followers can enjoy it too.

- Don't just post about your book or other thing you need to promote. People like to interact with other people, not just advertisements.

- Link your Facebook posts and Blog posts with Twitter. Anything, really. I think my Goodreads posts are linked too.

Good luck with your venture into Twitter. And if you'd like to follow me, check me out here!! :) Thanks!

And please please please check out my guest post on Rachel Brimble's blog!!!!!


  1. I'm learning twitter too!! I know I see you there!! :-) Hope you're having an excellent Monday!

  2. I think you pretty much just covered the best advice for Twitter!